Side Effects? They are few and mild.

The most common side effect is brief and mild to moderate scalp discomfort or pain at the treatment area during active treatments. The incidence of this side effect will likely decline after the first week of treatment. Fewer than 5% of patients during clinical trails discontinued the study due to any negative side effect. More than 10,000 active treatments were safely performed with NeuroStar TMS Therapy during the clinical trials. No side effects such as weight gain, sexual problems, stomach problems, sleepiness, or dry mouth were seen during trials. There were no negative effects on memory or ability to concentrate. Additionally, 5000 patients have been treated with Brainsway deep TMS with similar results.

At Southern Colorado TMS Center we are always able to make adjustments if the initial settings cause discomfort. As a result, since our first patient, none have “dropped out” of treatment prematurely because of discomfort or pain of any kind.


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