Costs and Policies

For General Information about the cost of TMS treatment, go to our page “Financial and Sliding Scale Policy”: FINANCIAL/ SLIDING SCALE,

For specific information about the cost of TMS treatment for you or a loved one, go to our page “Next Step:” NEXT STEP, > and read the introductory paragraphs on our Online Patient History Questionnaire. This will explain why it is necessary to obtain a substantial medical history in order to answer your important questions about costs, insurance coverage and other policies.

Once the Online Patient History Form is completed (online or printed and done by hand), you can return it to us (email or, you know, the other kind of mail, or bring it with you to our appointment). Then you can speak to our TMS Coordinator or to Dr. Hammock to schedule an initial 60′ discussion with Dr. Hammock in our SCTMSC offices. It is only at that point that your questions in these important areas can be answered in detail.

To Schedule An Appointment for more specific information about how SCTMSC and Neurostar TMS Therapy might be a good fit for you:

Go to our page NEXT STEP, complete the Online Patient History Form

and the rest is simple.

Text or call our TMS Coordinator Tricia Mandeville at 719-359-8812,
or email her at or
Leave a message or fax at 719-359-8812

For more information please see "Contact Us" page.

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