The billing for TMS services includes two components: the treatment sessions conducted at SCTMSC and a separate psychiatric services charge which will be billed to you by your doctor’s office. Your final costs are determined by the number of treatment sessions needed – which varies from patient to patient – and the condition being treated. We will give you an estimate at the beginning of your treatment. SCTMSC requires deposits in advance, but will refund any sums that are not used. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards. HSA accounts can be used to fund the treatment and cards from HSA accounts are accepted as well. We will discuss our detailed financial policies with you before you make a decision about receiving treatment.

Use of Health Insurance

Southern Colorado TMS Center (SCTMSC), LLC will work with you to coordinate communication with your health insurance company. As is the case with many new technologies, many insurance companies have not yet made consistent policies about whether or not they will cover TMS treatment. Because insurance benefits vary, we cannot guarantee coverage. Some companies will not cover the procedure while others review coverage on a case-by-case basis.

We will support you through the entire process. By the end of your Clinical Review appointment we will be ready to submit a Pretreatment Authorization Request (PAR) to your carrier. There is usually no charge for this service by SCTMSC. Then, if the PAR is denied by your carrier, we have had increasing success in using the Appeals Process which most carriers allow for. As a result, several patients whose PAR was at first denied have now completed TMS treatment after initial denials were reversed through one or more levels of Appeals. We can provide additional information about the Appeals Process with your carrier during your Clinical Review appointment in our office.

BREAKING NEWS: Several major carriers have announced that they are now covering TMS services. These are:
Anthem BC/BS (2013)
Rocky Mountain Health Plans (2014)
Medicare (2014) and
United (2014)

Details of coverage depend on the type of policy and your diagnosis. Our staff will assist you in learning the specific terms of your coverage.

Alternate Financing
Treatment may also be funded by personal or family loans, your local bank, or credit card company, or specialty finance companies. One such company is MedLoanFinance. This company is not part of SCTMSC, but they are familiar with TMS and may offer assistance to you. They offer various repayment plans including some interest free and other interest paid plans. The minimum repayment may be as litle as $100 per month, depending on the amount financed and your individual circumstances. The link to this service is here:


To Schedule An Appointment for more specific information about how SCTMSC and Neurostar TMS Therapy might be a good fit for you:

Go to our page NEXT STEP, complete the Online Patient History Form

and the rest is simple.

For more information please see "Contact Us" page.

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